RTL scholars provide custom seminars, trainings, & curriculum on
American women’s history, politics, & culture.

Women’s History Bootcamp

Does your school need a serious dose of women’s history? We understand. Teachers have little time to cover testing standards and prep multiple courses. But inclusive and representative history is important. That is why we’ve created women’s history bootcamp sessions for K-12 teachers. These can be one session, one day, or two-day events curated specifically for your school’s needs and interests.

Consultation & Speaking

Need a speaker for your next event? A consultant on women’s history & politics? Some of our previous speaking engagements have included: women’s campaign & candidate training, implicit gender bias training, women’s history curriculum workshops and consultations, & confidence-building and mentoring workshops.

Thank you for your inspirational teaching. It was so important to have and hear the woman’s voice in our deliberations. You modeled an alternative narrative and pedagogy and it was very refreshing.
— Michael Shire, Ph.D., Dean of Hebrew College