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I wish some of the curriculum in my high courses would have included more female writers, thinkers, and historical figures. I was lucky enough to be in AP classes, and while these classes were more advanced and more challenging, 90% of what were were challenged on were the thoughts, inventions, societal advances, literature, philosophies of men. Specifically white men. I believe I would’ve benefited from a more intersectional education, featuring not only brilliant white, privileged women, but also women of color, from women of different sexual orientations and religions, and politically prominent or radical women. I believe particularly in high school is when I personally would’ve benefitted from this most, as I think a lot of high school girls are vulnerable and looking for inspiration wherever they can find it.
— Sarah Rayman, student.
Thank you so much for your feedback. Your comments have helped us improve this curriculum which will be used by thousands of teachers and students across the country, and we’re so grateful!
— Gennie Westbrook, Senior Advisor of Education for the Bill of Rights Institute
I have been talking about Tuesday’s workshop and Dr. Krichbaum all week to all of my coworkers. Thank you so much for making a workshop like this happen, and I hope we can do another one with Dr. Krichbaum next year!
— Morgan Mannion, New Hanover County School District
Thank you for your inspirational teaching. It was so important to have and hear the woman’s voice in our deliberations. You modeled an alternative narrative and pedagogy and it was very refreshing.
— Michael Shire, Ph.D., Dean of Hebrew College
Thank you for such a throughly enlightening weekend! You have such a gift of teaching through storytelling.
— Candee Collins, Pine Tree High School, Kilgore, Texas