RTL visits the Rochester Institute of Technology

Dr. Emily Krichbaum was recently invited by the Center for Statesmanship, Law, and Liberty to participate in the weekend long seminar that highlighted great statesmen of American history entitled, “Giants of Leadership on Democracy and Equality: Jefferson-Hamilton; Lincoln-Douglass; Stanton-Anthony.” During the event at the Rochester Institute of Technology, high school history teachers received continuing education credits as they read primary sources, engaged in conversation, and learned ways to bring lessons from RIT to their own classroom.


Dr. Krichbaum’s discussion highlighted some of Stanton and Anthony’s most influential pieces of writings from Stanton’s Declaration of Sentiments and Solitude of Self to Anthony’s Letter on Temperance and statement On Behalf of Women’s Suffrage Amendment.  

The seminar explained how their leadership (at times) inspired men and women to join the suffrage movement and increased civic participation among women. Moreover, discussion focused on Stanton and Anthony’s strategic partnership and dedication to equality as well as how these two women should be remembered in American history.

The discussion points were based off of Dr. Krichbaum’s upcoming chapter on Elizabeth Cady Stanton in the larger work, American Statesmanship, edited by Dr. Joseph Fornieri.

The participants topped off the weekend with a trip to Susan B. Anthony’s home in Rochester.