Female POTUS Candidates: A Quick Run Down

I’M COMING OUT, I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW 🎶 Monday was Presidents’ Day. (All-male Presidents’ Day). But that could change—and soon. For the first time in American history (professors LOVE to say that), there are officially more women seeking Democratic nomination than men. 

A quick summary of the four female senators running for the Democratic nod:

What they could all discuss while bowling: Each senator wants to address income inequality, healthcare costs, and the campaign-finance system. It’s all about the economy. If Trump wanted to Make America Great Again, these women want to make the economy better than ever before.

You're A Real Tough Cookie With A Long History 🎶 

Senator Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris, for the people. She’s the female front runner. A progressive populist and California’s former attorney general, she’s known for her hard questioning of Trump’s nominees for cabinet and liberal civil-rights agenda in the Senate. Much of how she speaks, thus far, is through a racial lens.

side note: There are concerns, however, if Harris is actually a true progressive based on her history as attorney general and San Fran’s district attorney.

B*tch better have my money 🎶 

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Warren says you better have money—for the middle class. Banks, insurance companies, large corporations are ballin’ bigger than LeBron. She’s fighting for some serious structural change for the middle class. Pay me what ya owe me.

She wants to clean up the system, not blow it up (a la Bernie). In an interesting twist, you could argue her campaign is about draining the swamp, Dem style. The economy should work for everyone. Much of how she speaks, thus far, is through a class lens.

side note: She recently proposed Universal day care and early learning centers.

I’m Every Woman 🎶 

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

More than any other candidate, Gillibrand’s running as the “woman’s candidate” and sharing her long history of fighting for women’s rights. She’s outspoken on imposter syndrome. She says she’ll fight for America’s children as hard as she fights for her own family. 

But, she’s no 'traditional’ apple-pie candidate. She’s a strong advocate of LGBTQ rights and would support federal recognition of a third-gender option. Much of how she speaks, thus far, is through a gender lens.

side note: But some would still rather just have Ranch dressing.

Straight Up Now Tell Me 🎶 

Senator Amy Klobuchar

The first female senator from Minnesota is a matter-of-fact centrist who earned the spotlight during her unflappable questioningof Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings. She predominantly focuses on Midwesterners’ issues—those of farmers, blue-collar workers, families suffering from the opioid epidemic. Klobuchar has major swing-state appeal—not many Republicans will find the former three appealing but this pragmatist might win them over. Much of how she speaks, thus far, is from the OG Democratic lens.

side note: she might be hard to work for.

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